How to get your Audioguide

Step 1: Free WiFi

Look for a free WiFi to prepare for download.
We offer free WiFi at the entrance of the Historic Art Bunker, Obere Schmiedgasse 52, near the Ticket Machine. Check for „Unterwelten„.
At different locations in Nuremberg you can use the #nue-freewifi. It’s available at the Main Market, at the Tourist Information or near the meeting point of the Medieval Dungeon Tour.

Step 2: Download the audioguide app

Download the audioguide app on your mobile phone (about 60 MB). 

In Play Store Check for „Nürnberger Unterwelten – soundgarden experience“.

You can manage the download whenever you want – at home before starting your visit, at your hotel, at least at the meeting point of your tour.


Step 3: Show up at your tour

Be sure to wait at the right meeting point. When the guide shows up you can start the app and choose the right audio track.

Please be aware the app supports only the tours shown at the picture (for the tour „WWII Art Bunker“ you’ll get audioguide devices).

The app will work like a phone call. We suggest to use earphones to increase the comfort.


Step 4: Enjoy your guided tour

The numbers you need to enter you’ll find at the different stops written on white plates or at the pictures in the exhibition.

When the guide welcomes the group, usually number „1“ followed by pressing the arrow sign is the right choice.
If you have problems please don’t hesitate to ask your tourguide for assistance.


Step 5: Delete the app

To get back free space on your mobile phone don’t forget to delete the app after visitig the tour.


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