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Holiday Program: Secret Passages

Wir sind im 16. Jahrhundert und Markgraf Albrecht Alcibiades will Nürnberg einnehmen. Doch Nürnberg ist gut geschützt und befestigt. Ohne Späher und Spione, die die Schwachstellen der Burg erkunden, wird er es nicht schaffen Nürnberg zu erobern.

As spies, we sneak into the imperial castle and explore how to conquer it. What does the city wall look like from the inside? How can you break through the gates? How much does a cannonball actually weigh? Were there really crocodiles in the moat in the past? Or was there not even water in it?

Unsere kleinen Nachwuchsspäher werden die Burgmauer von oben von den Bastionen sowie von innen in den Geheimgängen der Burgmauer untersuchen und Schwachstellen suchen. Damit erfahren sie auch wie die Stadt im Mittelalter geschützt war.

The tour is suitable for children over 6 years old, but not for small children. We ask that, if possible, refrain from bringing small siblings. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Each adult needs a ticket. We do not assume the legal responsibility for supervision of legal guardians. Adults and teenagers only if accompanied by a child. 

We ask you to take into account when booking: it is a children's tour. The places are limited. The fewer adults there are, the more children can take part in the tour. If possible, please not more than one adult per child! 

Please bring sturdy shoes and warm as well as rainproof clothes. In the underworld it is uneven and cool and the tour takes place even in the rain!  The facilities are not barrier-free and there are no toilets there! The number of participants is limited to max.15 pers./guided tour for safety reasons! Minimum number of participants: 2 adults and 2 children. 

Termine 2024:
16. und 28.03.2024
02., 04. und 06.04.2024

22., 24., 25., 29. und 31.05.2024


täglich vom 01.08. bis 31.08.2024

täglich vom 01.09. bis 07.09.2024
29. und 31.10.2024


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