Guided tour:

Historic Artbunker

Unscathed by WWII

After Dresden, Nuremberg was the second most destroyed city in Germany during World War II. Nevertheless, irreplaceable Nuremberg art treasures survived in a unique art bunker.

The vaults, which were hewn deep into the castle hill as a beer store, were converted and equipped with complex technology in order to offer optimal conditions for protecting artwork. Unnoticed by the population, Nuremberg paintings, goldsmith works, church windows and other things, including art robbed by the Nazis were safely stored before the bombing raids came up. Other art that could not be transported, such as the Schöner Brunnen, was walled in to protect it in this way.

The guided tour through the historic art bunker begins with an insight into how the population was prepared for the war at an early stage. Despite all these measures and contrary to all the announcements made by Nazi propaganda, Nuremberg was almost completely destroyed. The extent of the damage can be impressively experienced during the tour thanks to large-format pictures of the former desert of rubble.

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