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Medieval jurisdiction

Guided tours in the dungeon will only be provided by Nuremberg's Art and Cultural Education Centre [Kunst- und Kulturpädagogischen Zentrum],
phone +49 911 1331241

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Unscathed by WWII

In the Second World War, Nuremberg sustained the most devastation of all cities in Germany after Dresden. Yet many of Nuremberg’s art treasures survived in a unique art bunker. After the war, the mediaeval old town was recreated out of the ruins. Find out how the art was saved and the city rebuilt.

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WEHR- & GEHEIMGÄNGE unter der Burg

Deep within Nuremberg’s bastions, secret winding passages were built to defend the city. A labyrinth of metre-high casemates, the embrasures of which were used to fire at all angles across the moat. Fortifications that were never breached by the enemy and earned Nuremberg the reputation of being the best-protected city in the German Empire.

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Surviving World War 3?

Five minutes to get into the bunker where there is air, water and light for 14 days. Shared with 2,000 fellow occupants, 8 hours lying down, 16 hours sitting. What were the prospects after two weeks? Emerging to face the fallout and destruction. The tour of the nuclear bunker, complete with original furnishings, focuses on the political crises in the Cold War, the technical facilities and routine life in the bunker.

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NUCLEAR BUNKER Main train station

Surviving World War 3?

Passengers were to have the possibility of seeking shelter under the main train station.
During the construction of underground train line, the old air raid shelter was replaced by a nuclear bunker for approximately 4,000 people with facilities to remain underground for 14 days.
Currently, the bunker can only be visited as part of a pre-booked group guided tour.

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Pit loo meets water well

Rock-cut water line

Water - vital for the existence of a city. Nuremberg’s citizens struck lucky deep within the castle rock. Wells and miles of tunnels were hewn into the sandstone, bearing testimony to the building expertise of the mediaeval engineers. Exploring these secret underground lifelines, we learn about the water supply and hygiene in Nuremberg of old.

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Nuremberg's insurmountable wall

Wealthy cities have to protect themselves. Nuremberg was rich and has a long tradition of investing in its fortifications. For centuries, Nuremberg was one of the best-protected cities in Europe. The city wall tour explores
the defensive passages, both within the walls and on the battlements with wide views.

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Reconstructing Nuremberg

Die Altstadt Nürnbergs war nach dem 2. Weltkrieg zu mehr als 90% vernichtet. Warum und wie wurde Nürnberg derart zerstört? Und warum gibt es heute wieder ein mittelalterliches Stadtzentrum? Auf einem ober- und unterirdischen Spaziergang durch die Altstadt gehen wir diesen Fragen nach und zeigen exemplarisch die Rekonstruktion der Altstadt, die bis zum heutigen Tag andauert

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