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Medieval jurisdiction

The hole prisons are located in the cellar vaults under the Nuremberg town hall and are a unique facility in Germany from the Middle Ages. Since the 14th century they have been used for pre-trial detention and custody of prisoners up to the execution of sentences. Here the determination of the truth was pursued according to the standards of the time. So the hole prisons are witnesses of medieval jurisdiction.

Those who were thrown into the "hole" usually forfeited their lives.

During the 45-minute tour of the underground facility, you will discover, among other things, several small cells, special cells for special offenders and a torture chamber. Descend with our tour guide into the still very well preserved medieval site. In the course of the tour you will learn which methods were used to establish the truth on the prisoners and how legal principles laid down this procedure. You get an insight into everyday life in the hole prisons and can roughly imagine what the situation of the people imprisoned there must have been like at the time.

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