GTC of Förderverein Nürnberger Felsengänge e.V.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

By purchasing tickets for a public guided tour or an event or on booking group tours, the customer accepts these GCT and the visitor regulations.

Individual tickets

The purchase of individual tickets entitles the customer to take part in public tours that are offered on a regular basis.

As the holding of public tours is based on the sale of the individual tickets, tickets can neither be returned nor cancelled.

A guided tour can only be held if at least two adult tickets are purchased. If only one visitor comes to the tour, they will be refunded their admission fee. The reason for this policy is a safety provision stipulated by the supevisory authority.

Reduced tickets

Reduced tickets are available for

  • School pupils and students
  • Holders of the Nuremberg Pass (not Nuremberg Card)
  • Disabled persons with a 50% disability pass, in case of B-class passes, an accompanying person is also entitled to free admission (in this case, please select a children's ticket)
  • Holders of a corporate benefits vouchers

No discounts are available for senior citizens or holders of culture or day passes.

Nuremberg Card

Nuremberg Card holders are entitled to purchase tickets in the relevant price category. On admission, the Nuremberg Card, the admission ticket and if requested, an ID card must be presented.
The Nuremberg Card does not apply to special guided tours or events. A corresponding price category is not available in these cases.

Group tour bookings

A group tour booking is an agreement relating to a private tour.

Group tour bookings may be cancelled up to two working days before the tour date with no cost incurred. If cancelled after this period, the full booking fee must be paid. Cancellations must be set forth in writing in the form of an email.

In case of groups being delayed, the tour guide will try to reach the customer after 15 minutes' delay providing that the customer has specified a mobile telephone number.
If the customer cannot be reached, after waiting 20 minutes the tour guide is no longer under any obligation to conduct the tour.
If the customer is reached, the tour shall be conducted at the tour guide's discretion, possibly in a shortened version.
After a delay of 20 minutes, the obligation to hold the tour is no longer constituted.
The full booking fee for the tour must be paid in any case.


An event is a special form of guided tour (special tour) or a performance taking place at one or several venues (concert, talk, reading, etc.).

The conditions applicable to individual tickets also apply to event tickets.

Event tickets cannot be returned, cancelled or exchanged.

Consequential costs

Any refunding of consequential costs in case of tours or events that were cancelled, did not take place, were curtailed or not attended, including travel expenses, accommodation costs, parking fees, etc. is excluded. The question of fault for the tour not taking place is irrelevant.

Visitor regulations

Admission is subject to presentation of a valid ticket.

We take the greatest of care to avoid any accidents.
Despite all safety measures, a certain risk is still constituted when visiting predominantly historical complexes and cannot be fully excluded. Please therefore mind low ceilings/entrances, uneven floors and worn-out steps.
We bear no liability for accidents; participation in the tours is at your own risk.

Due to the on-going Covid-19 situation additional restrictions apply. These are listed on our internet website

Safety regulations

  • Persons up to 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to supervise them.
  • In the underground complexes, temperatures of 8 – 10°C prevail all year round. Please therefore wear suitable clothing and sturdy shoes.
  • Staff and tour guide instructions must be followed.
  • Remain with the group at all times and do not go off on your own.
  • Barriers, lighting and exhibits may only be handled by the tour guide.
  • Touching exhibits and installations is prohibited.
  • Persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances may not take part in guided tours.
  • Persons whose conduct disrupts the tour or compromises the reputation of the events may be excluded from the tour/event. In case of verbal or physical attacks, the guide is entitled to curtail the tour. The admission fee will not be refunded.
  • Bringing along and consuming food and drink is prohibited in the underground complexes.
  • No animals of any kind (with the exception of the assistance dogs of disabled visitors) may be taken on the tours.
  • Smoking is discouraged during the parts of the tour above ground, and is prohibited in enclosed spaces.
  • Larger pieces of luggage or bulky items cannot be taken along on the tour. Items can be left in the entrance area at the owner's risk. No liability is accepted for loss or damage.
    Storage is not possible if the starting and end point of the tour are in different places.
  • No liability is accepted for the soiling of clothes during the tour.
  • Mobile phones, MP3 players and so forth must be switched off so as not to disturb the tour.
  • Helmets are compulsory for certain tours. If visitors refuse to wear a helmet, they cannot take part in the tour. The admission fee will not be refunded.
  • Parents are under obligation to supervise their children. This also applies to the group leaders of groups of children and school classes who are not released from their duty of supervision.
  • Underground special climatic conditions prevail. Temperatures range between 8 – 12°C. In some cases, relative humidity is higher than 90%. The conditions may lead to particular strains on the heart and circulation. Please inform the guide of any increased risks and judge yourself whether you wish to expose yourself to these strains.

We conduct tours underground in historical buildings that are not designed for people with special needs. Unfortunately, accessibility is therefore not afforded. Taking part may present problems depending on the nature of the health impairment.
You are welcome to contact us for advice and details of the conditions on and under the ground.

In general, all guests take part in our guided tours at their own risk.

Taking photos and filming

Taking photos for private use is permitted. All other photos and films, as well as for operating drones and such like are subject to written permission. Tour guides may only be photographed and films subject to their prior consent.
Using tripods and selfie sticks is not permitted for safety reasons.
Taking photos of educational material such as pictures folders, information boards, etc. for reproduction purposes is not permitted.

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