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The castle’s hidden defences

The defense and secret passages meander deep in the masonry of the Nuremberg bastions. Meter-high corridors within the castle wall, known as casemates, follow the zigzag course of the walls at Nuremberg Castle.

Hidden and hardly noticed from the outside, there are loopholes in the castle wall with a view of the moat. Any spot in the moat could be fired at from these positions. This was how Nuremberg was to be defended in the event of a threat. The ingenious system of these winding defence and secret passages within the wall made Nuremberg the best-protected city in the German Reich. The fortifications have not been conquered for centuries.

During the tour, we first look from the outside at how the bastions were built to protect the city. Then descend with us from the castle garden into the medieval casemates with their high vaults, massive sandstone masonry and ventilation shafts.

A special highlight are the replicas of weapons used there from the 16th century.

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