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Nuremberg's insurmountable wall

The rich must protect themselves! And Nuremberg was rich and therefore always invested in its protective structures, such as the city wall.

In the area of the Kaiserburg, the city wall is characterized by angled bastions. These served the best possible defence of the city and were designed according to a sophisticated principle. The city wall could be defended from above via the bastions and battlements as well as from the inside at the level of the moat via secret passages.

During the tour you will see the structure of the city walls and their functionality from all possible perspectives. Starting on the bastions, our tour guide will tell you what special features can be discovered there. Then descend to the secret passages within the castle walls and take a look out at ground level into the moat, which could be defended from there via arrow slits. You then change sides and explore the city wall from the outside, from the perspective of the moat, before you can discover the Tiergärtnertor and its defence strategies at the end of the tour.

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